Everything to Know about Temporary Activity Visa (Subclass 408)

408 Visa Condition

A visa 408 is a pandemic relief visa problem for those in Australia through the lockdown and their recent visa expiring. In common circumstances, once your Australia visa terminates, you must also apply for a new travel permit and keep in Australia with a flyover visa until your application is reconsidered or you leave the state. 

But, due to the deadly disease, many individuals couldn’t leave the countryside, and the 408 Visa Condition was initiated to allow individuals to remain lawfully in Australia. You must be capable of helping yourself, although, on a visa 408, you were also functioning in Australia or have sufficient economic means to continue your stay.

What are the Features of Temporary Activity visa?

This visa accesses you allow to come to Australia temporarily to:

  • At the invitation of an Australian organization, take part in activities.
  • Participate in a staff exchange arrangement to hold a skilled position.
  • Work full-time in the church.
  • Work as a member of the crew of a super yacht.
  • Take part in or watch an Australian research project.

With the 408 visas, it is likely to provide the need for a workforce in important sectors since work has been necessary during these times of pandemic situation.

  • Covid 408 Visa Condition

You can only work for the company listed on your visa application in Australia. You can’t work for a different company or in a different job. You can’t work for yourself on the side of someone else. Seven days before the Covid visa expires, you must notify the Department of your residence in Australia in writing. The notification must be sent to the Australian Capital Territory’s Central Office of Immigration.

  • Genuine Temporary Entrant

GTE is a reliable measure to ensure that the temporary visa plan is used as planned and not as a method to maintain incomplete Australian Citizenship in Melbourne. Temporary people usually cannot expand their stay in Australia further than four years by registering for this visa. 

The GTE necessity applies to every temporary movement 408 Visa Condition. The officer who allows the visa will consider whether the visa applicant’s individual situation points to their intention for a short-term stay in Australia.

  • Financial support

You must be able to support yourself and any eligible dependent family members who accompany you while you are in Australia. An employment contract, bank statements, or a letter from your financial institution outlining your financial situation might be requested as proof of funds. 

Other forms of assistance from your employers, such as accommodation and allowances, may also be considered when assessing your capacity to support yourself.

Important Factors to Apply for Temporary Activity Visa

To register for the temporary activity 408 Visa Condition, you would initially need to decide what stream below you would register for, as the needs and eligibility criteria differ.

  • Qualifications

You may require explaining that you have the applicable qualifications or knowledge to work for the reason of your stay in Australia. Such as, if you are functioning as a religious worker or as a performer, you will need to explain you have applicable knowledge doing such work.

  • Sponsorship

The most flow requires you to be supported by an attractive organization, foundation or agency. Need will differ, for instance, having to be a particular administration, having a program, or authorization from the division of home relationships as a temporary activities sponsor.

  • Financial documents

You must demonstrate your ability to support yourself and any members of your family who might apply with you. Your bank will allow you to submit financial statements and employment contracts.

If you are applying with your spouse or children, you must submit some documents, including their identification, birth certificates, proof of relationship, form 1221, form 47a, and other similar documents.

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