Complete Guide: How to Apply for Visa Extension Australia?


While the visa application process is not difficult, it must be followed exactly. If you wish to extend your Australian student visa, keep reading to find out what you need to do to stay in Australia and continue your experience!

As a result, students in Australia must either reapply or obtain a student Apply for visa Extension. Student Apply for visa Extension in Australia or getting a new visa in Australia are regular processes that students must go through to continue their studies in Australia. 

In Australia, renewing a student visa comes with limitations, tight requirements, and intense scrutiny for overseas students. The article sheds insight into Australia student Apply for visa Extension and the requested information.

There are four situations in which you may need to extend your visa:

  • A comprehensive research application
  • New field of research
  • You have already submitted your post-graduate thesis, but passport will expire before the grading is finished.
  • course has been prolonged for whatever reason, and your visa will expire before you finish.

Australia’s student visa extension requirements

To Apply for visa Extension in Australia, applicants must request a new CoE if the course of study and duration change. They must also check the current visa conditions and how much time they should have while applying for a student visa extension in Australia and waiting for its confirmation. Along with this, some papers are necessary to renew a student visa in Australia, most of which are personal and include the applicants:

  • Certificate of Birth
  • Identity page on a passport (i.e., every page with visa sample & immigration stamp)
  • For Indian citizens, a valid national identity card such as an Aadhar Card, Pan Card, or Voter ID is required.
  • Proofs of household registration
  • An updated CV that has been approved by any local authority in the country of residence
  • Certificate of Marriage (applicable only for married applicants)
  • Policy Number of the OSHC
  • Evidence of sufficient financial means to live and study in Australia
  • New issuance for Enrolment Confirmation (CoE)

Recent Visa Changes

Australia, there is currently no automatic renewal of a student visa. However, if your passport is about to expire and you can’t return home, or your course has been extended, you’ll need a method to stay legally in the country.

How can I apply for an extension of my student visa in Australia?

Students can seek a visa extension in three main conditions while studying in Australia. These are the following:

Step 1: Before applying for a student visa extension in Australia, request a fresh CoE.

Step 2: Applicants must ensure that their OHSC is extended to coincide with the period of their visa application.

Step 3: Maintain a record of the papers required for the student visa extension in Australia. Check the list of documents necessary for an Australia student visa application.

Step 4: Check your inbox for biometric requirements and act within 14 days of receiving notification to prevent missing out on submissions.

Step 5: Applicants requesting a student visa renewal in Australia must undergo a health examination. This is made possible by a HAP Id produced for each applicant on ImmiPortal and given in at the location of the health check-up. The medical reports are provided immediately to the Department of Home Affairs.

Step 6: Make sure you apply for a visa before traveling to Australia (either request a new one if eligible or request an extension). Applicants with bridging visas would also be permitted to enter Australia.

Step 7: Apply for a student visa extension in Australia and watch for changes. Avoid these blunders to avoid student visa denial in Australia.

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