How to Receive a Package without Giving Your Address?

How to Receive a Package without Giving Your Address?

Package Receiving Service is easy and simple to receive a package without giving your address. Usually, people are looking for an answer to this question while ordering goods online or don’t want to tell the sender their location.

You cannot mention your address if you don’t want to receive home delivery. Maybe nobody stays at home all day to get the package received. If you are buying a gift and don’t want your family members to know what you are getting for them.

Due to the convenience and variety of online stores, more of us prefer online shopping these days. The obvious downside of buying online is that the product has to be delivered to your physical address. 

Drop shipping services are a great way to avoid shipping at your home address.

These solutions might be just what you need if, for some reason, you don’t want to share your home email address or maintain your privacy, especially if you buy and sell things online and need a professional email.

So let’s take a look at the services available and the different ways you can receive your package without giving your address;

Send your package to your local post office

Your local post office can accept your packages and store them until you are ready to receive them. According to the post office, most postal services will hold your package for a week to a month.

Your package is protected from theft by having it delivered to your local post office; you can collect it at your convenient time. Recipients can still have the package shipped to their preferred address and pick it up at the post office, but they will be charged a shipping fee.

Sign up for mailbox

Postboxes and receive both letters and packages. A post office box can be used instead of an office when setting up a place to send mail, not when people have to prove themselves to the government. When you send a mail or package, it’s like a regular package.

In Package Receiving Service, customers can send letters and goods to a business, post office box address, and any other address. It would help if you had a lock key or a code to receive your package from the post office box as a business owner.

Parcel pick–up service

A package collection service is a good way to ensure the delivery of goods in addition to home delivery. They are also useful if you have something to hide and order games like Kalyan Chart.

A big advantage of package delivery services is that they can store your products, provide an address and deliver the goods to a warehouse. Additionally, package handling services offer a distinct advantage for cross–border shipments.

Use stasher’s shipping packages

Remember that stasher not only offers package storage options but also offers free shipping. Stasher package pickup is a cheap and easy way to send or receive packages across the country.

Using a stasher instead of a delivery courier has several advantages. Once you have made your reservation online, the stasher will collect your bag at your door and ship your belongings safely to your desired destination.

Storage of packages

We live in a fast-paced world where everyone expects shipping and collection experiences to be safe, convenient and efficient. If you don’t want to give away your home address, luggage lockers are another option to receive your luggage.

Package Receiving Service has a major advantage over mailboxes: letter carriers no longer have to track shipments and notify recipients. After the goods have been delivered to the locker, the customer gets a code via SMS or email.


Package Receiving Service is very simple. After receiving the shipment of the item, the management team gives the key to the recipient and places the load inside.

Now, if you don’t want to provide a postal address, you can choose your address, post office or PO Box and pay the shipping fee as you receive your package. Online shopping is becoming a fast norm, but it also has some challenges.

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