7 Reasons Why Travelling is Good for You

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We all feel it, don’t you? We’ve been inside for so long, we want to go outside again, on the road, away, flying, relaxing, enjoying. Fortunately, the world is slowly opening up. We can carefully look forward to our next trip. We all know, travelling makes you happy!

Various studies over the past few years have shown that there is a clear and demonstrable link between travelling / going on vacation and mental happiness / physical health. How do holidays and travel make us successful?

1. Travel Brings Relaxation: 

On your beach bed, a cocktail on a terrace, or the silence of a deserted mountain top. Everyone relaxes in their own way. And relaxation, escaping stress, is incredibly important. people on holiday feel a lower level of stress after just three to four days.

2. Travel Creates Space: 

Science is clear about this, “As we experience more stress, the part of the brain that takes care of our memory, awareness and attention malfunctions more often. Not checking your mail for a few days, reading a book or having a conversation can already be psychologically refreshing.” Before the corona crisis, ‘burnout’ . Holidays and travel are an effective remedy against this.

3. Travel Brings Wonder: 

Many people travel in search of new experiences. Unknown cultures, meeting new people, seeing beautiful landscapes. Your brain becomes more agile with new experiences and distracted from the twists and turns that sometimes dominate your thinking. You are freed from your mental ballast. The ability to be amazed leads to creativity and mental growth.

4. On Vacation You Have More Time for Others: 

During vacation or on a trip you have more time and attention for the other person. You are together, enjoy and with each other and undertake activities together. All those interactions with your travel companions, whoever they are, also strengthen your relationship with them. And it will continue to work when you are back; you have that shared memory forever.

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​5. Travelling Makes You ‘high’:

A 2006 study found that people can reach a state of euphoria when they think at lightning speed or when their senses are working at full blast. The brain then produces dopamine, which gives a feeling of pleasure and happiness. 

Allowing the amazement and immersing yourself in everything you experience can give you a ‘high’ feeling. With one danger: it can mean that when you get home you can’t stop talking to friends and family about your last trip.

6. Travel Enriches:

Expand your horizons, see-smell-feel things; in short, experience like you’ve never experienced before. That enriches you as a person. You understand more about the world, you have more respect for the local population and you know more about the conditions in which they live. 

Travelling contributes to your empathy, your ability to empathise with people and cultures that used to be foreign to you. You adjust your preconceptions and perhaps look at your own life from a new perspective.

7. Travelling is Good for Your Self-confidence:

You do things you don’t normally do, you arrange what needs to be arranged, you meet new people, make new friends, do new things. You make your own decisions, you are ‘in charge’. You are on your own for a while, you stand up for yourself and notice that it works. You can take on the whole world.

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