How to use shoe polish brush.

How to use shoe polish brush.

A well-executed technique for polishing shoes can not only ensure that your shoes look nice and last longer, but it can also extend the lifespan of your shoes. The art of polishing the shoes you wear will provide you with an immense sense of satisfaction and can save you a significant amount of money over time. Polishing shoes is easy to accomplish when you have the right tools and some patience.

Clean your shoes

Before beginning polishing, it is essential to first wash your shoes in order to get rid of any dirt dust, salt or dirt. In the event that dirt is not removed, it could become trapped under the polish or scratch off the surface of the shoe. Make sure to brush the shoe using a Jump shoe polishing brush to get rid of any dirt.

  • Alternately, you can use a damp cloth to wipe the shoe’s surface. Leave the shoes to dry completely before proceeding for the following step.
  • If you are at this point it is possible to be able to take off the laces of your shoes. This will allow you to have more entry to your tongue your shoe and stop polish from getting onto the laces.
  • You can also wash your shoes using baby shampoo or saddle soap mixed with a small amount of water. Do not wash your shoes with the process, however.

Apply the polish by making small circular movements.

Use the old t-shirt, or polishing tool into the polish of your choice and rub it into the sole of the shoe by making small circular movements. Apply moderate pressure and ensure that the polish is evenly applied with particular attention paid to the heel and toe where the wear is the highest.

  • The most effective way to use an old T-shirt is to wrap it tightly around your middle and index fingers, and then make use of them to rub the polish into your shoes.
  • Utilize a toothbrush or qi-tip to get the polish into those areas that are difficult to reach such as the edge of the upper, and the gaps in the tongue.
  • It is also possible to apply polish on the sole of the shoe in the area between the heel and toe that isn’t touching the ground.
  • Make sure to apply the polish in a thin layer.

Let the polish dry before adding additional layers, if required.

After applying polish to the first shoe put it aside on the newspaper before working on the next shoe. Each shoe should take around 15 to 20 minutes of drying time.

  • If you think your shoes need a second coat of shine, put on the second layer with the same method as previously.
  • Be sure to use the least amount of polish required to completely cover the shoe. It is more effective to apply many thin layers instead of applying one thick layer.

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Take off any polish that has accumulated.

After any other layers of polish are dry After drying, grab your Jump shoe polishing brush and scrape away any polish left behind by using small, swift strokes. Don’t be afraid to add some elbow grease in it as the heat produced by the intense brush strokes help the polish sink in the skin.

  • The majority of movement in these strokes must originate from your wrist. Make sure to keep the remainder of the arm in place while your wrist swiftly moves the Jump shoe polishing brush in a circular motion.
  • Be sure to brush evenly the surfaces of both shoes. Once you’re done, your shoes will have an even surface with a little sparkle. If shiny, shining shoes aren’t your thing, then put them away.

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