Where is solar energy stored?

solar energy


The sun’s radiation provides a source of renewable energy known as solar energy. Nuclear fusion, which the sun uses to generate energy, results in both light and heat. It is possible to capture this energy, transform it into electricity, or use it directly to generate heat and cool.

Comparing solar energy to conventional fossil fuels, there are various benefits. It is a safe and environmentally friendly form of energy that does not cause harmful emissions or have an impact on global warming. 

Solar thermal and photovoltaic (PV) energy systems are the two primary categories of solar energy systems.

Solar thermal systems employ mirrors or lenses to focus sunlight and produce heat that may be used for heating, cooling, or producing energy through steam turbines, whereas PV systems use silicon-based solar panels to convert sunlight directly into electricity.

Solar Energy – Storage and Use

In order to satisfy our energy demands and lessen our reliance on fossil fuels, solar energy has the potential to be a big contributor. Solar energy does not always exist when we need it, which is one of its drawbacks.

Thus, having efficient means of storing solar energy for later use is crucial. The many methods that solar energy may be stored is discussed as under.


Using batteries is one of the most popular methods for storing solar energy. When needed, batteries may release the energy that solar panels create during the day.

When solar energy production is minimal, such as at night or on overcast days, the stored energy can be utilized. 

Lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries are the two most popular battery types used for solar energy storage.

Thermal Energy Reserves

Heat may be stored in tanks of molten salt or other materials via solar thermal systems. Afterward, the heat that is stored might be utilized to generate power or heat. 

Solar thermal power plants focus sunlight using parabolic mirrors onto a receiver, which then warms a fluid that flows through a heat exchanger and into a storage tank.


Hydrogen gas may also be created by using solar energy in conjunction with the electrolysis process. Water molecules are divided into hydrogen and oxygen by electricity during electrolysis. 

The hydrogen gas may be kept in storage and utilized as a fuel source for a variety of processes, such as the production of electricity and transportation. 

Burning hydrogen produces water vapor as it reacts with oxygen, releasing energy in the process.

Hydro Pumped Storage

A technique for storing solar energy involves pushing water uphill during times of surplus output. As energy is required, water is discharged, flowing through hydro turbines as it descends to produce power. 

The most widespread type of energy storage in use today, pumped hydro storage is frequently combined with solar and wind energy.

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Compressed Air

Compressed air may be used to store solar energy as well. Air is compressed and stored underground in a cavern or tank for periods of peak solar production. 

The compressed air is released when energy is required and utilized to turn a turbine, creating electricity. Systems for compressed air energy storage are less prevalent than those for other types of energy storage, although they can be helpful in places with the right geology.

Residential solar installation Rajkot

Installing solar panels on a house or other structure in order to produce power from sunlight is known as residential solar installation. 

The inverter, which is commonly located on the roof of a residence, transforms the DC electricity generated by the solar panels into AC electricity that can be utilized to power the building.

There are several companies that offer Residential solar installation Rajkot that provide home solar installation services. Homeowners may contact these businesses for advice and an estimate on installing solar panels. 

To make sure the business is reputable and offers high-quality service, it’s also a good idea to get references and study client reviews.

Companies that provide Residential solar installation Rajkot services are listed below:

  • Equinox Solar Pvt Ltd
  • Sunnovative Solar Energy Solution Pvt Ltd
  • Leeji Solar Pvt Ltd
  • Emisum Solar Pvt Ltd
  • Genesis Clean Energy
  • Isun Solar Pvt Ltd


Batteries, pumped hydro storage, and thermal storage systems are just a few of the ways that solar energy may be kept in reserve. 

Solar power is becoming a more dependable and effective source of energy because to these storage techniques that enable utilization of the energy during periods of insufficient sunlight or high demand. 

The practicality of solar energy as a renewable energy source may increase when new and creative methods of storing solar energy become accessible.

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