A Guide to Select an Outsourced NOC Monitoring Service

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A network operations center (NOC) is designed to monitor complex IT networks on a 24/7 basis. The centralized management location is a need for businesses with IT infrastructure that requires high availability- encompassing servers, applications, networks, and websites.

The technicians providing NOC monitoring services offer round-the-clock surveillance, maintenance, support, and troubleshooting. This ensures that corporate enterprises and non-profit organizations across multiple industries and verticals enjoy optimal performance and uptime. 

Since the cost of operating an in-house NOC is quite high, enterprises choose a more economical route by outsourcing their NOC services to a dedicated service provider.

How to Choose NOC Monitoring Services?

  • Tiered Organization and Workflow

An IT infrastructure is a must for the success of the network operations center. You need to enquire as to which of the prospective NOC service providers bring this to the table. Does the support framework reduce high-tier support activities by at least 60% or more?

A structured NOC transforms where and how support activities are managed- by tier and by category. It takes a few months for the value of the operational framework to become visible. After that, there is a lesser load on advanced engineers while working and resolving issues more effectively.

  • Support System for NOC

A round-the-clock support service calls for a fully staffed NOC. The activities that revolve around NOC support include on-boarding, tools integration, and reporting among others. This necessitates a hands-on team that can put experience and best practice methods in motion.

A smooth operating NOC support is a consequence of a well-coordinated NOC team, and the other critical teams supporting it. 

  • Optimized workflow with machine learning and automation

NOCs generate ample amounts of data. This data contains immensely useful information that must be analyzed as it could dramatically enhance the speed and quality of support activities.

Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations uses big data, analytics automation, and machine learning capabilities to unlock the information contained within the heaps of data generated across the environment. 

Artificial intelligence uses the insights to identify and automate low-risk tasks within the NOC. With superior data processing and machine learning capabilities, the NOC is able to perform correlation fast and identify the subtle indicators of approaching issues within heaps of data.

  • An integrable support system

Complex business models require support for multi-technology, multi-vendor, and IT stacks. An outsourced NOC monitoring service augments and helps build on any given IT support capabilities with integrations, without disruption of operation.

Constructing a home grown platform that connects with various enterprise environments needs operational and technical expertise. So, if it’s a monitoring tool, ticketing system, or something else, the NOC provider you choose must possess the knowledge, procedural flexibility, and platform capabilities to seamlessly integrate with your customer’s operations, and toolsets, without giving rise to a new set of challenges.

  • 24/7 help desk

help desk is the single point of contact between your enterprise and your customers. Each phone call, email, and other alerts are processed into incidents and requests before they are channeled to the designated personnel.

Large businesses need a 24/7 support system. Hence, it is of paramount importance to ensure that your noc monitoring service provides a round-the-clock service help desk for tier one, or advanced NOC support catering to your needs.

  • A well-rounded approach to Service Level Management (SLM)

Complex support systems necessitate advanced SLAs. You and your customers should enjoy the flexibility to choose which service levels reflect the actual measure of your success. The NOC service provider of your choice must help you assemble the SLM package that serves your unique needs while meeting your budget and goals.

  • A stellar Customer Experience Management program

Companies expect nothing but the highest standards for support services. Your noc monitoring service should be equipped to build not only a NOC but a support framework that continually enhances its functions.

A suitable NOC service provider is one that provides hands-on quality control and assurance programs. It must offer proactive and reactive checks on virtually every service component it provides.

The steps taken for quality assurance arise from next-level analyzing and reporting capabilities. So, choose only a mature IT organization that delivers comprehensive NOC services.

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