How do you hang lights with Command hooks?

Command fairy light hooks

The Command clear hooks are the best option for people to hang Christmas lights and string lights. In addition, people can use the Command fairy light hooks to hang lights outdoor, and it is also helpful to make various exterior decorations. 

Several kinds of wall hooks are available in the market, but only a few are suitable for hanging lights. And among them, the Command wall clear hooks are the best option for hanging lights. These hooks have several benefits, and it’s a p[erfect option for decoration purposes. 

Several kinds of hooks are available in the market, but most need additional work to mound them in the wall. But these products available in Command don’t need extra work like drilling or hammering. 

In addition, these products from Command will have a stable and robust adhesive at the back of the hooks. 

This invention of adhesive hooks helps people mound many products without any hammer and nails. And this method of hanging products is so effortless.

How to use Command fairy light hooks?

Using these kinds of hooks is very simple, and it doesn’t need any prior knowledge to use them. For example, in the Command hooks, the first step is to remove the tape that protects the adhesive from drying, and after removing it, people need to place the hook in the position they need. 

Then they need to provide a hard push toward the wall to stick the hooks well. This process will attach the hook to the wall, and similarly, people need to stick all the hooks on the wall to hang lights according to the decoration. 

To hang the light, people need to use a small gap in the hook to hang the lights, and continuing this process will help people hang all the lights properly. 

In this process, people need to connect all the Command fairy light hooks with the light to complete the decoration process, and the adhesive in the hook will be stronger and stand in its place for months. 

If people use it outside, it may have some damage due to water and snow. So, in that time people can relace them with new ones. 

Advantages of  using Command hooks

The command hook has several advantages, and it helps people make many things possible. The first advantages of these hooks are the adhesive available on their back. 

It is the only support that withstands the weight of the light without any screws or nails. The second advantage of this product is the portability because people can carry them wherever they want, and it is too easy to use them on various surfaces. The only point is the surface should be flat and smooth. 

The cost of this product is also one of the advantages, and it’s because it is very affordable and suitable for all kinds of people. 

And this product doesn’t have any limitations in its uses so, according to the people’s creative knowledge, they can use these hooks as per their needs. The easy disposable option is also one of the significant advantages of making this product suitable for several purposes. 

These are some points that people need to know about the Command hooks and the advantages available for its users. 


The Command hooks are the best option for hanging lights, and it is also the simplest way to hang lights around the house without any physical damage. 

So, many people like these Command fairy light hooks to use. And people using these Command hooks will not have any problem with that product, and if the product fails at any condition, they can easily replace them with a new one. These are some of the features and abilities available with the Command hooks.

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