What is Sev Maker Machine?

What is Sev Maker Machine


Chickpea flour, water, and spices make the well-known Indian snack known as seven. Modern Sev machine have significantly streamlined and improved the procedure previously done by hand. 

A Sev maker machine is a home device that forces Sev dough through a disc with tiny holes to produce consistent, noodle-like strands that may be deep-fried till crispy. 

These devices are helpful, simple to operate, and provide several advantages for home chefs and industrial kitchens.

Design of the Sev Maker Machine

Body: The machine’s body is often built of sturdy plastic or metal. It contains the internal workings that build the Sev.

Disc: The Sev-making machine’s disc is a crucial part. The size and form of the Sev that is generated are determined by a circular metal plate with tiny holes.

Container: The Sev dough is put inside the container. The dough is squeezed through the disc through a hole at the bottom, often constructed of transparent plastic or metal.

Handle: Spin the handle to operate the internal mechanism that pushes the dough through the disc.

Nozzle: The nozzle is the orifice via which the Sev exits the machine. Usually, it may be adjusted to accommodate Sev of various sizes and shapes.

Clamps: Some Sev-making machines include clamps that fix the machine to a table or counter so it won’t move while in operation.

How to Operate a Sev Maker Device

Prepare the Sev dough: To produce the sev dough, combine chickpea flour, water, and spices to create a dough that is both elastic and solid. Make sure the dough is smooth and void of lumps.

Pick the disc: By the type of Sev you want to create, choose the disc with the suitable hole size. There are several disc kinds, including fine, medium, and coarse.

Assemble the Sev Maker: Assemble the chosen disc into the Sev machine. 

Fill the Container: Put Sev dough in the container. To level it, softly press down on it.

Turn the Handle: One hand holds the Sev machine, and the other cranks the handle. To press the dough through the holes on the disc, turn the handle clockwise.

Gather the Sev: The Sev resembles noodles and will emerge from the machine’s bottom. Gather it on a smooth surface, such as a baking sheet or fresh cloth.

Dry and Fry the Sev: The Sev should be well dried before being fried in high oil till golden brown and crispy.

Store the Sev: The Sev should be kept in an airtight container after being fried. For a few days, it can be kept at room temperature.

Benefits of using a Sev maker machine

Saves Time and work: Making sev by hand requires much Time and work. You may save Time and work using a Sev maker machine, which makes the procedure much faster and more effective.

Consistent, Uniform Results: The equipment consistently and uniformly generates sev, guaranteeing that the snack is high-caliber. This is crucial for business applications, where dependability and quality are essential.

Versatile: The machine can produce multiple sev sizes, allowing users to explore varied flavors and textures. One of the most significant benefits of employing a Sev maker machine is its adaptability.

Simple Operation: Sev makers are simple, even for those without previous sev-making knowledge. 

Cleanliness: The machine is simple to clean and maintain, guaranteeing that it will always be clean for usage. This is especially crucial for commercial usage, where cleanliness standards must be maintained.

Cost-Effective: Sev machines have long-term cost-effectiveness. Although they can need a start-up cost, they eventually pay for themselves by lowering labor expenses and boosting productivity.


A Sev machine is a practical and handy kitchen gadget that makes making Sev quick and easy. It has several advantages, including consistent outcomes, variety, convenience of use, hygienic practices, and cost efficiency. It also saves Time and labor. 

The machine’s design is relatively straightforward, as it has a few essential parts that work together to produce uniform and reliable Sev. 

A Sev maker machine may make it simple to produce high-quality Sev snacks, whether you work in a commercial kitchen or a home kitchen.

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