What Are The Best And Easiest Ways To Migrate to Australia?

easiest way to get PR in australia

Australia has always been a dream destination for many. It is because Australia has excellent opportunities for people around the world, a strong economy, and a modern lifestyle. Moreover, since there are a lot of job opportunities, it has become a prime destination for people mainly from Asia to live and settle in Australia. 

Therefore, if you want to make a bright and exciting future for yourself, it is time you make arrangements to move permanently to Australia. Though the options are many to settle in Down Under, you must opt for the easiest way to get PR in Australia.

Easiest Ways To Migrate to Australia

  • Employer-sponsored Visa

Australia is a land of many opportunities as the borders are open to anyone who qualify the basic requirements for migration to the country. However, if you want the easiest way to get PR in Australiayou must opt for the Employer sponsored visa. 

However, to get a visa, you must have the required skills according to the country’s specifications. It is the most popular type of visa as it is in the hands of the country’s employers to select skilled workers. 

Therefore, it is advisable to get in touch with the employers of Down Under so that they can offer you a job according to the country’s requirements. Once you get a job offer, getting a work visa and time to enhance your career will become easy. 

Therefore, if you are looking for a permanent residency, you must be at least work in the same company for two years. It will help you obtain permanent residency in Australia quickly without any hassles. 

Therefore, before planning to get a permanent residency in Australia, you must work hard according to the skill requirements. If your resume can catch the eyeballs of employers in Australia, there is no looking back.

  •  Skilled Visa

If you have the required skills according to the country’s specifications, setting foot in Australia is like a piece of cake. However, you must be between eighteen and fifty years old to qualify for Australia. Moreover, you need to have a good command of English. 

Therefore, before applying for a skilled visa to Australia, you must clear the English proficiency test like IELTS or similar ones. Once eligible in the English language category, you must apply for a skilled visa to migrate to Australia. 

Following are some primary options under the skilled visa class that you can apply for according to your qualifications.

  • Skilled independent visa subclass
  • Skilled nominated visa subclass
  • Skilled regional visa subclass
  • Skilled-recognized graduate visa
  • Family or Partner visa

You can still migrate to Australia under the Family or Partner visa if you do not have the required qualifications or skills. Therefore, you can apply for a Family or Partner visa if you have a partner of Australian origin or any family relations living in the country. 

Your partner or any family member living and residing in the country as a permanent resident can nominate you for an Australian visa. It is the easiest way to get PR in Australia. 

  • Student Visa

Australia is not only a land of wonders, and it is an excellent place for students to enhance their education in any discipline. Therefore, if you want to get a PR in Australia, you can enter the country with a student visa. Once you complete the course, you can opt for a permanent residency in Australia. 


Australia is a dream country for many, with great opportunities and an exciting lifestyle. Therefore, if you want to enhance a bright future in Australia, you must start making arrangements instantly so that your visa processing is done smoothly and you land in Down Under without any hassles. 

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