How to Make Career Migration Easier with a Professional Year Program?

Professional Year Program

What Next? Is it probably the most pressing question on your mind if you have recently graduated from an Australian institution or earned a master’s degree from one as well?

The solution is rather simple. After finishing your studies, the greatest thing to do is to land the ideal job for which you have worked so hard all these years, and then settle down with a Permanent Residency.

The professional year programs provided by the professional year program Australia provide you with the confidence and tenacity necessary to face the challenges faced by the Australian workforce and launch your career.

A Professional Year Program Australia: What is It?

A systematic professional development program called the PY program is designed for foreign students who are graduating from Australian institutions. PY is a one-year curriculum that combines practical learning and classroom instruction to provide students with a greater understanding of Australian business culture. 

Graduates from disciplines including accounting, information technology, and engineering may already access it. Through study and employment, this program helps students to acquire skills that are applicable to the workplace, preparing them for professional year IT Australia occupations that are in great demand in Australia.

The Advantages of Taking Part in a PY Program

Being a part of a PY program provides a number of benefits that increase your chances of landing your dream job and obtaining permanent residency in Australia. The benefits are detailed below.

  • Points for the Permanent Residency

It might be challenging for many graduate students to get permanent residence. A PR visa requires at least 65 points to be obtained. Of course, if you get this score, you’ll be able to apply for a PR visa, but it doesn’t mean your application will be approved. 

Undoubtedly, individuals who score higher have a better chance of being accepted. The good news is that you will earn 5 points for Australian permanent residency once you have finished the PY program.

  • Opportunities for internships

After finishing their education, it is getting more and harder for overseas students to obtain employment in their disciplines. Graduate students who have completed the PYP have access to a wide range of employment prospects because many businesses provide internships to PY graduates. 

Graduate students are given the skills they’ll need for the future through this curriculum. Even if you do not immediately land a job, your CV will be given greater weight in comparison to those from people who have not completed the PY program.

  • Having knowledge about the Australian working culture

When it comes to working culture, every nation has its own set of rules, and Australia is no different. You get the chance to learn from a variety of specialists and business people thanks to the PY Program. You will also enhance your professional and communication abilities while experiencing Australian corporate culture firsthand.

The requirements for participation in the professional year program

The PY program is not open to all graduate students. As previously indicated, graduate students who have successfully completed a bachelor’s or master’s degree program in engineering, information technology, or accounting are eligible to enroll in the PY program. In addition, the applicants should:

  • Complete skill evaluations from a professional organization.
  • Have a subclass 485 visa or apply for one.
  • Get a certificate from IELTS with a minimum score of 6.


For many graduate students from abroad, the PY program offers a number of advantages. We mentioned these advantages in this article to help you better grasp PY. You must have come to the conclusion at this point that enrolling in the PY program will significantly increase your chances of getting a PR in Australia. 

Therefore, get in touch with us and let us know about your circumstances if you are ready to finish your study and are considering applying for a PR visa.

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