How to Get a Temporary Graduate Visa (subclass 485) for Australia?


All the countries will have different visa schemes for people entering their country for various purposes. People who studied and completed their graduate degree or any other course can stay and work in the companies as per their skill set. This temporary graduate visa is the best option for people who need to study for a higher degree and need to work in that country should use this visa. People who need the temporary graduate visa 485 Melbourne should have some qualities and educational qualifications for approval. 

To get this temporary graduate visa, people have some conditions. Students who meet those conditions are suitable for getting these visas that help international people live and work in their country. Many different kinds of benefits are available with this subclass 485 visa. 

People with this will have several advantages and restrictions according to their educational qualifications and other similar details. So, these are some standard details people need to know about the temporary graduate visa and its importance in foreign countries. To get a quick graduate visa, people must apply with the necessary forms and documents that help the officials analyze and provide permission for the visa. 

temporary graduate visa (subclass 485)

Eligibility for Getting a Temporary Graduate Visa 485 Melbourne

People who need to get the temporary graduation visa have some set of necessary rules, and people who come under those criteria will be the perfect fit for getting a visa for Australia. So some of the basic eligibility for getting temporary graduate visas are

  • Hold an eligible Visa
  • Need to hold a student visa in the last six months
  • Be under the age of 50 years
  • Need to get the best qualification in a CRICOS-registered course
  • Nominate one steam only – no chance to change visa streams after applying
  • Attach all the necessary evidence while applying

So, these are some of the eligibility that people need to satisfy to get the temporary graduate visa 485 Melbourne, and people who are getting this visa with all these eligibilities can stay and start their higher studies in the country without any legal problems. These eligibility criteria will suit all kinds of work visas available in the country. 

Different Kinds of Temporary Graduate Visas 485 Melbourne

People who need a temporary graduate visa will have several options, and each will have other conditions. But all of them come under the temporary graduate visas 485. So, some of the types of visa variations are

  • Graduate work stream
  • Post-study work stream
  • Second Post-study work stream
  • Replacement stream

So, these are the varieties of visas available under the temporary graduate visa. Each type will have separate costs, and the staying conditions will also differ according to the visa people apply for in this list. All these visas will have various features for the people who are getting them. 

  • Graduate work stream

This visa is for recently graduated international students with the required skills and qualifications for specific occupations available in Australia. So, with this visa, people can stay, work, and study in the country for a temporary period. The stay time for this visa is 18 months, sometimes 24 months. People with passports in British and hong kong can stay for five years. The cost for this visa is about AUD1,730. 

  • Post-study work stream

This visa is for students who graduate from Australian universities. With this visa, they can stay, study, and work for a temporary period of 2 to 4 years according to their qualifications. British and Hong Kong people will get five years to stay, work, or study. The cost of this visa is AUD1,730, which is also a part of temporary graduate visas 485 Melbourne that help all the students get extra time to stay and work or study. 

  • Second post-study work stream

This visa option is for people with their first post-study work visa. This visa will also allow the people to live, study, and work in the country. The only requirement is that people graduate from universities in the regional area of Australia. 

  • Replacement stream

This visa is for people holding the current temporary graduate visa or former visa holders. If those people lose their time on their visas, they can apply for this visa due to COVID-19 travel restrictions. This visa will let people live, work, and study in the country. The cost of this visa is as similar as other visas available. 

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So, these are some details that people need to know about the benefits available with the temporary graduate visas 485 MelbourneAll these details will help to gain more knowledge about all kinds of features of these temporary graduate visas. 

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