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Dosti Shayari 2 Line

What is a good life? People say that a good life has all the spices of living. Sad moments, happy moments, moments of thrill, moments of treasure and a lot more create a good life for you. Thus, be a strong human being to see and manage all the colours of life. There is a lot Dosti Shayari 2 Line that a person goes through and stands straight after living the darkest and most unsuccessful time of his or her life.

People will always be there to judge you and to make jokes about your personal life but nothing should affect you and nothing should break you and your relationships down. When a person is facing the lowest of his or her life the only people who support them are family and friends. The ultimate support of your family and friends will always help you dance straight and face the unexpected in your life.

सफर दोस्ती का युही चलता रहे,

सूरज चाहे हर शाम ढलता रहे,

ना ढलेगी अपनी दोस्ती की सुबह,

चाहे हर रिश्ता बदलता रहे…..!!

Safar dosti ka yuhi chalta rahe,

Suraj chahe har sham dhalta rahe,

Na dhalegi apni dosti ki subha,

Chahe har rishta badalta rahe…..!

दोस्त है तो आंसुओं की भी शान होती है,

दोस्ती ना हो तो महफ़िल भी क़ब्रिस्तान होती है,

सारा खेल तो दोस्ती का ही है,

वरना मैय्यत और बारात एक समान होती है।

Dost hai to aansuo ki bhi shaan hoti hai,

Dost na ho to mehfil bhi qabristaan hoti hai,

Saara khel to dosti ka hi hai,

Warna maiyyat aur baraat ek samaan hoti hai.

क्यों मुश्किलो में हाथ बढ़ा देते हैं दोस्त

क्यों गम को बंट लेते हैं दोस्त

ना रिश्ता खून का ना रिवाज से बंधा,

फिर भी जिंदगी भर साथ निभाते हैं दोस्त..

Kyu mushkilo me haath bada dete h DOST

Kyu gam ko baant lete h DOST

Na rishta khoon ka na riwaj se bandha,

Phir bhi zindgi bhar sath nibhate hai Dost.

A friend is just not your partner in crime but is also your partner when you have to payback for that crime. It is always amazing to be with a real friend. There are many people who think they have a good friend but what they really have is some unbearable people who are always there to pass little judgements as told you  earlier.

If you don’t have good friends in your life, you can never enjoy your life to the fullest. Friends are that entertainment package that brings up fun and joy into our lives. Below are some more Dosti Shayari 2 lines. Read them and enjoy.

अजनबी थे आप हमारे लिए,

यू दोस्त बनकर मिलना अच्छा लगा,

बेसक सागर से गहरी है आपकी दोस्ती,

तैरना तो आता था पर डूबना अच्छा लगा।

Ajnabi the aap hamare liye,

U dost bankar milna accha laga,

Beshak sagar se gahri hai aapki dosti,

Terna to aata tha par dubna accha laga.

एक रात रब ने मेरे दिल से पूछा,

तू दोस्ती में इतना क्यों खोया है,

तब दिल बोला दोस्तो ने ही दी है सारी खुशियां,

वरना प्यार करके तो दिल हमेशा रोया हैं।

Ek raat rab ne mere DIL se pucha,

Tu dosti me itna kyo khoya hai,

Tab Dil bola Dosto ne hi di hai saari khushiya,

Warna pyar karke to Dil hamesha roya hai.

So these were some of the dosti shayari 2 lines that you must read and enhance your friendship with a Spice of shayaris. Make your friend also read these shayaris and appreciate their presence in your life. For more such shayaris, do follow our page. 

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