What Are The Options Available to Learn Code For Kids?

coding classes for kids online

Coding with visual blocks, drag and drop coding, and the sort are fine for kids to have as hobbies. However, parents must introduce their children to real coding platforms if their children are passionate about coding.

While there is no dearth of coding classes for kids online, parents must give more emphasis to the options available among coding platforms as each of these platforms offer something unique to the little software developer in your child.

The Best Coding Platforms for Kids


It is the perfect platform for those kids who are just stepping into the world of coding. Visual programming languages such as Scratch are the perfect platform to get kids excited about coding. The platform provides a solid foundation of programming principles and kids find it quite easy as they can drag and drop code blocks to design games, apps, and animate characters.

The Scratch platform is great for those kids who do not have prior coding experience and/or are younger (typically between the ages of 7 to 9). It is the right platform for kids who are more into visual learning and it teaches them basic concepts such as problem-solving and if-then thinking.

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Java (Minecraft)

Java is one of the most popular coding languages across the globe. Hence, it is a great choice for kids who want a comprehensive understanding of coding that can be built upon for many years to come.

Being a statistically typed language, a programmer needs to specify a variable type. As a result, apps built on this platform are much more scalable, stable, and easy to maintain. This also means that Java can take longer to master, but Minecraft is a great option for kids because it is highly suitable for making game engines, large backend environments, Android mobile apps, and more.

Java Minecraft is the perfect choice for intermediate programmers as it further strengthens their skill set. It is quite fun for kids as they get to learn the basic Java principles through a fun and interactive game such as Minecraft. The platform is also a great fit for patient students who are willing to invest time into learning the language syntax.

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Lua (for Roblox)

It is a lightweight programming language that is the right choice for kids who want to design their video games. Lua is a multi-paradigm language that has a set of general features. It is quite versatile as it can be applied to many issues.

The program has a short learning curve, ease of embedding, and quick execution. So, it is the preferred choice for building game engines. The increasing popularity of the platform means a child can learn the language that will serve him/her across a wide number of careers. Adobe Photoshop and World of Warcraft are some of the examples that use the Lua code.

Lua is a suitable programming platform for kids and teens who want to learn a programming language quickly or for those who want to learn how to make an Obby in Roblox.


It is considered one of the easiest and most versatile programming languages out there. The simplified syntax and focus on whitespace make it a perfect choice for those kids who have no prior experience with coding.

The program requires very few lines of code to get up and running. As a result, beginners feel encouraged to start creating quickly and can write easy-to-read codes that look a lot like regular English.

Students interested in pursuing a career in artificial intelligence can benefit greatly from Python.

So, which one of the coding platforms are you going to choose for your child’s budding programming career?

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