Tips To Choose A Hot Water Cylinder In Harrow

Hot water cylinder

A Hot Water Cylinder installation in Harrow is a common component for central heating systems that don’t use a combination boiler and store hot water for use. Hot water tanks are great for areas with poor mains water pressure, as the tank stores the water ready for use and aren’t dependent on the mains pressure to feed the 

  • Taps
  • Showers
  • baths

When selecting a new Hot Water Cylinder installation in Harrow for your home, it is important to choose a water heater that will not only provide enough hot water for the entire family when they need it but also one that it will do so in an energy-efficient way, ultimately saving you money long term. 

Choosing the right energy source can have the biggest impact on your savings. Often your preferred form of energy will also help narrow down your water heating options, as the types of fuel available in your area will determine where to begin your search. However, there are a few other things to take into account.

Tips To Choose A Hot Water Cylinder In Harrow

  • Annual Running Costs: How much is it likely to cost to heat your water using your chosen form of energy per year? 
  • The Purchase, Installation, And Maintenance Costs: What will it cost you to purchase the system, have it Hot Water Cylinder installed in Harrow, and are there any ongoing maintenance requirements?
  • Energy Efficiency: To maximize your energy and cost savings, you need to find out how energy efficient a water heating system is. Many websites have good information on the energy efficiency ratings and saving for various Hot Water Cylinder installations. Energy Efficiency and Conservation is a good place to start in Harrow systems.
  • The Life Span: It is a good idea to source reliable information regarding the expected lifespan of your selected Hot Water Cylinder installation In Harrow. Sometimes systems are less likely to stand the test of time and may require budgeting for full or part replacements shortly. 
  • How Much Hot Water You Need: Getting the correct sized Hot Water Cylinder installation In Harrow will ensure you do not run out of hot water and maximize efficiency. Consider how many people live in your household and how many there may be in the future. As a general guide, one person, on average, will use around 50 liters of hot water daily.

Hot Water Cylinder installation In Harrow installation

  • We are happy to help with the new cylinder installation. 
  • A new cylinder is common when you change the boiler type, build your property, or extend/renovate.
  • Otherwise, you are much more likely to replace your cylinder (we can do that too).

Hot Water Cylinder installation In Harrow repair 

Sometimes the Hot Water Cylinder installation In Harrow can become damaged and may need repair. 

  • It may be that the pipe connectors may leak or need replacing. Or any of the pipes leading to or from it may be the issue. 
  • But old age can degrade a water cylinder, so there are many reasons the hot water tank may need repair – and we are happy to help.

Hot Water Cylinders Types

The two main types of hot water cylinders are 

· Vented

· Unvented

They both store hot water ready for use. But are designed to work with different boiler installation London.

Vented Cylinders

Vented cylinders are the more traditional option, and if you have an older boiler, it is more likely you will have a vented cylinder. They need a cold water tank to feed the boiler, usually in the loft. 

Unvented Cylinders

Unvented cylinders differ from vented in a few ways. Firstly, they don’t require a cold water storage tank as the mains feed them. An unvented system means hot and cold water is delivered at mains pressure. 


Choosing a new or replacement Hot Water Cylinder installation. In Harrow is one of the most important decisions you will make regarding long-term cost benefits within your home. Water heating costs generally make up about a third of your electricity bill, this is a large chunk of money, and it makes sense to put some substantial thought into this decision to provide maximum cost and energy efficiency for the future.

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