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Trademark law is a significant area of intellectual property law in Los Angeles. It’s crucial to have the top Los Angeles trademark lawyer on your side. In addition to safeguarding yourself against rivals looking to capitalize on your excellent reputation, you may ensure that your good name is instantly associated with your product or service.

Licenses and trademarks

To safeguard your intellectual property, this covers the full procedure involved in obtaining a trademark from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Although trademark law is incredibly complicated, an accomplished Los Angeles Top Trademark Attorney trademark lawyer from the Law Advocate Group, LLP will follow all the best practices to make sure that your proposed trademark isn’t already in use and will assist you in registering your trademark through all the required legal channels.

Los Angeles, California trademark law

The top trademark lawyer in Los Angeles should be retained when defending your intellectual property since doing so can protect you from further legal action. You might be charged with failing to do your due diligence in the subject if you utilize your trademark without having one of our attorneys do a trademark search. A trademark need not be registered in order to be used, but you must confirm that it is not currently in use by another party.

It is also crucial to get the advice of a qualified trademark lawyer in Los Angeles Top Trademark Attorney while registering your trademark there. This is due to the fact that your trademark must be distinctive and specific to you, which can be challenging from a legal standpoint. If the USPTO finds that your mark is too similar to one that is currently in use, they may reject your application. However, a competent trademark lawyer can support your case and assist you in making enough changes to your mark so that it is recognised as sufficiently distinctive.

The Crucial Role of the Ideal Los Angeles Trademark Law Firm

The criteria for selecting the finest trademark lawyer in Los Angeles are essentially the same as those for selecting any other lawyer or certified professional. There isn’t really a secret to it, like most things; just use your best judgment and common sense. Make sure the trademark lawyer you pick is instead of basing your decision on cost or on grandiose promises:

  • seasoned in Los Angeles trademark law practise
  • educated at a reputable institution of higher learning and admitted to the California State Bar Association
  • has credible references
  • able to handle cases of your kind

The last criteria speaks to your case’s specific requirements, including registering your trademark worldwide. If you require this specific service, you should only employ an attorney who provides it.

You need Law Advocate Group, LLP on your side if you’re looking for an accomplished, skilled Los Angeles Trademark attorney. Our attorneys handle all facets of trademark and intellectual property law in Los Angeles and across Southern California, including copyrights, music licensing, and trade secrets. Leading businesses in Los Angeles consistently choose Law Advocate Group because of our dedication to quality and track record of accomplishment. We take pride in our dedication to offering customers wise counsel throughout any trademark issue.

You require an experienced and committed trademark lawyer in Los Angeles

Our trademark attorneys at Law Advocate Group, LLP, with offices in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, have a combined total of more than 80 years’ expertise in business, contract, copyright, and entertainment law. Our clients benefit greatly from our expertise and know-how, which has been acknowledged by judges and colleagues in the field. Please get in touch with us right away if you have a business issue that requires the attention and care of a skilled Los Angeles Top Trademark Attorney trademark lawyer.

Providing Trademark Services to Businesses in Los Angeles

Please be aware that while not being based in California, Gerben Law Firm can help Californian companies register a federal trademark because it is a federal issue.

Josh Gerben, a trademark attorney, founded the Gerben Law Firm in 2008, and since then, our lawyers have registered more than 6,500 federal trademarks. People and businesses of all sizes from all 50 states make up our clientele. For many years, Los Angeles has been regarded as a mecca for creative businesses. Whether you run a production firm in Burbank or a coffee shop in Hermosa Beach, you might want to think about registering your name, logo, and/or tagline as a federal trademark.


Even small businesses may protect their trademarks from rival companies across the country by working with a trademark attorney to register a trademark and monitor the market for infringers. Contact our trademark experts if you want to know your risks, start your business with confidence, and safeguard your brand as it expands, regardless of whether you want to create a store in Santa Monica or a catering business in Redondo Beach.

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